Córdoba Tours

Tour Cordoba City

Córdoba City

With 1.5 million inhabitants Córdoba City offers a mixture of its colonial heritage and the lifestyle of every modern city.

Visit with us the most ancient constructions of Argentina and discover their history beneath the activity of modern shops and buildings. Take a look at the main square with its beautiful Cathedral Church and the Colonial City Hall, become a witness of the past at the Jesuit block visiting the Jesuit Compañía de Jesús Church, the University courtyard & Montserrat School.

Go on a shopping spree, while learning about the silver and leatherwork produced by Argentinean craftsmen. Find belts, buckles, ponchos, bags and purses, wallets, and other kinds of leather and alpaca goods. Find stores like Arandu, Crespo, Cardon, or simply souvenirs at La Emilia to take back home. Take a walk-through Patio Olmos Mall downtown; famous modern shops, facilities, and eating-areas built within a century-old building, once a public school.

Visit the Buen Pastor Exhibition center in the middle of the University quarter. Take a picture of the Gothic-style Capuchinos church and finish your day at Palacio Ferreyra, the fine art museum placed at a historical family house.

wine tour

Wine Tours

Located 40 minutes away from Cordoba City, this new modern boutique winery is bringing to our palates first-rate reserve wines produced 100 % with Cordoba province´s vineyards. Malbecs, Chardonnays, Cabernet blends, together with the local Isabella or Frambua are just part of the nice surprise found during your visit.

Enjoy learning about winemaking, visit the vines of Terra Camiare, linked with the local history of the First wine taken to the King of Spain in the 1500s.

A former Italian family home, also winery then, is now turned into a high tech winery. A perfect place to enjoy not only the visit and the tasting but also appetizers and meals.

Socavones Restaurant opens on weekends to pair their wine production with excellent local dishes.

horseback ride tour

Gaucho Style Horseback Ride

Enjoy a full day with the company of a local Gaucho, your horse-riding guide at the Hills of Cordoba. Discover the streams, valleys, and mountains of the area. Learn how to prepare Asados and taste a nice red wine with no worries…

The horse will take you back to the Estancia.

jesus maria tour

Jesús María & Italian Town winery

Follow the path of history on the Camino Real and visit what UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Monument, San Isidro Museum, with more than 300 years of history. Also close-by Colonia Caroya where Italian Immigrants produce homemade salame, pastas, and wine just like their ancestors did. Visit a small wine cellar and enjoy a wine tasting of the famous Argentine Malbec.

santa catalina tour

Santa Catalina and Jesuit Legacy

Take the road to explore the Estancia Santa Catalina countryside area and be delighted by this perfectly kept construction which dates back to the 17th Century. The building was declared World Heritage monument by UNESCO. This Estancia is still privately owned by the Diaz Family.

At the cozy restaurant La Rancheria our host, Sebastian will share the simplicity of the countryside's lifestyle with you.

As a descendant of the first Province's former Governor, General José Javier Diaz, the first owner of the "Estancia", Sebastian´s wife has reformed the once-living quarters built to house the Indians and Slaves, to make a nice place to spend the day.

la paz tour

Estancia La Paz

If you want to experience the golden years of Argentina, when this country was known as the “World´s Barn House”, let us take you on a visit to Estancia La Paz. Enjoy a delightful lunch on its main veranda with a stunning view of the estancia´s lake.

La Granja is a small town nearby La Paz surrounded by the lowest hills of Córdoba ́s Sierras, where families of artists decided to settle to create internationally recognized artwork.

Silversmiths, Photographers, Painters, and Chefs show us their art at their own Ateliers while you get the chance to go deeper into central Argentine landscapes and Gauchos ́ traditions, like Mate, Empanadas, Knives, and belt buckles. The visit to the Ateliers includes an explanation of Argentine Gauchos lifestyle, their culture and crafts, Mate and Argentine meals among other experiences.

Salinas grandes tour

Salinas Grandes

Grandes means greats. With an area of about 4700 km2 and spanning the borders of 4 provinces (Córdoba, Catamarca, La Rioja y Santiago del Estero) Salinas Grandes is the largest salt flat in central Argentina.

Located just 50 minutes from your lodge, it is a must if you enjoy photographing breathtaking dawns and sunsets.

cerro colorado tour

Cerro Colorado

In the slopes of Cerro Colorado, we can see thousand-year-old pictographs left by ancient natives, learning its history and legacy.

Together with entertainment, hiking trails, and very good typical food, Cerro Colorado is a jewel of northern Córdoba.

ongamira tour


Hiking or horse rides to the top of Colchiqui Hill are activities worth being experienced by outdoor lovers. The unique rock formation, sculpted by thousands of years of wind and rain, is famously home to native inhabitants of the region, called Comechingones.

tulumba tour

Camino Real and Pony Express

Ride along centennial ways following the history of South America left by native tribes, Spanish conquerors, leaders of Independence, and groups of travelers, visiting Tulumba, a 400 year old town with picturesque colonial buildings that awaits the visit of curious travelers and surprises them with art treasures and stories.

Rest of Argentina

Tour mendoza

Mendoza Wine Country

Mendoza is the Wine Capital of Argentina, it´s Cellars and Vineyards offer unique experiences , the best gastronomy , a wide choice of tastings, marvelous views of the Andes , top rate hostelry and good flight connections, a Must for food and drink lovers!

Tour Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires the capital of Tango, wide avenues with French-style architecture buildings, parks and beautiful squares, the best shopping centers and excellent food, make out of Buenos Aires an attractive city for the ones who love cities that never sleep!

Iguazu Falls & Wetlands

Iguazú Falls & Wetlands

The Falls & Wetlands of Argentina are the most important Natural Preserved environments of the country, they offer the chance to walk either on the Argentine or Brazilian side, to navigate or to take a helicopter tour, all good alternatives to get immersed in Nature!